Cucina e Vino


While Carlsberg City is being finished in its entirety, the first restaurants are already opening their doors to local residents, students and other guests. One of the new restaurants is Cucina e Vino, which takes its inspiration from - as the name suggests - Italian cuisine.

The place is a hip, young place and frequented mostly (as of yet) by young students, who are occupying the neighboring buildings. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal. The entrance hall is a large and bright dining room, where you will find plenty of room for larger groups - and behind the long bar, where both the nose and eyes can follow the baking of pizzas, there are quiet corners, if that’s what you are seeking.

As mentioned, Cucina e Vino works within the world famous Italian cuisine. Whether you want to satisfy your hunger with a quick pizza or sandwich - or you plan to go through antipasti, primi and secondi and so forth, Cucina e Vino can deliver.

The menu, amongst many other things, offers a classic minestrone soup, lasagne, good cuts of meat and of course the pizza list is long and varied. In other words, there are plenty of choices, and if there is room for the dessert - dolci – Cucina e Vino offers tiramisu with coffee.

The wine list, naturally, limits itself to the borders of Italy – so in other words, here is also quality to find.

Cucina e Vino

Humletorvet 2
1778 København V

Profile: Italian restaurant in the new Carlsberg Byen. Dishes from all over of Italy. Good for both a quick or slow food experience.

Opening hours:
Every day: 9 AM - 10 PM

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Modtag det ugentlige nyhedsbrev fra Spiseliv med inspiration til madoplevelser – ude og hjemme.

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