Husmann's Vinstue

Husmann's Vinstue is one of Copenhagen's oldest restaurants – and since Ernst Carl Husmann opened the 1888 Catering, it has not been quiet. The place – in the basement of Larsbjørnsstræde 2 – is full of history and tradition.

For many decades, women were not allowed the premises. This was a place strictly for men. Times have fortunately changed – and, actually, lots of lightly dressed women were there as well, when Simon Spies – a Danish eccentric and notoriety – performed one of his more ... hmm ... colorful appearances in 1972 on the floor of Husmann's Vinstue.

But it isn’t only through the colored press that Husmann's Vinstue has been mentioned. When the bridge between Sweden and Denmark opened, the then Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson gave the place his finest remarks. He was delighted – he said, on live Swedish TV - how easily he could now have lunch at this traditional style restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen.

Likewise you’ll find many of such remarks along the wall of the entrance – and there is a reason why both locals and tourists enter this yellow-colored restaurant.

Here are beautiful open sandwiches, as it has been through generations. It was made with great care and love for the past. The portions are large and the choices many. There are 27 fixed options on the sandwich card - including seven (7) varieties of herring! You'll also find eel – an almost forgotten classic – and of course, beef breast with pickles, tartar with egg yolks.

According to the ‘rules and regulations’, there are of course snaps accomplishing the open sandwiches – and here the restaurant offers a wide selection of pairings with the dishes. This establishment simply wants to treat its guests with the best.

Beer is, of course, also on the menu – which might pair better with the small selection of weekly-changing dishes, which are announced on the chalk board near the entrance.

You can also enjoy your lunch outside under the parasols and there enjoy the busy life at Larsbjørnsstræde.

It is also possible to book the place for private gatherings. There is room for approximately 60 people, so if you want to do something special for your next party give Husmann’s Vinstue a call and arrange with them a splendid lunch or dinner at this historic place.


Husmann's Vinstue

Larsbjørnsstræde 2
1454 København K

Profile: Classic Danish open sandwiches in a restaurant with plenty of history and tasteful dishes.

Opening hours:
Mon–Fri: 11.30 AM – 6 PM (The kitchen closes at 4 PM)
Sat: Noon – 5 PM (The kitchen closes at 4 PM)

Lunch from 79,- to 119,-

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Modtag det ugentlige nyhedsbrev fra Spiseliv med inspiration til madoplevelser – ude og hjemme.

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