Magasasa Amager

Priser: Hovedretter fra 50,- til 200,-

Magasasa is one of two restaurants with the same owner and is situated on Amager and Vesterbro. The restaurants offers rare and particularly authentic Chinese food. China has five thousand years of food culture and has developed eight different kinds of cuisines. The restaurant at Amagerbrogade, guests will have the chance to experience the so-called Hunan cuisine. Hunan is situated in southeastern China along the Yangtze River, surrounded by lush landscapes. The kitchen has more than 4,000 dishes and is characterized by the sour and the sweet, fresh aromas and deep colors. In Magasasa you will have your well made and beautiful steaming hot food served by professional and great waiters. The meals contain chicken, vegetables, fish, seafood, meat and much more. The place is very spacious and suitable for large companies, private parties and business lunches. An utterly fascinating journey into the in Chinese cuisine. 

Magasasa Amager

Amagerbrogade 44
2300 København S

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Fresh Sushi
Bremensgade 77, 2300 København S

Magasasa Fusion & Cocktails
Vesterbrogade 39

Amagerbrogade 40






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