At the restaurant MÄT99 you will find a beautiful beer wall that will bring abundant amounts of envy to beer enthusiasts and others. The 10 polished tabs each on the wall each serve wonderful beer in several colors and flavors. And the price for these 10 delights? Only 99 kroner which will give you free access to the beer tabs for two hours.

It's refreshing - and a bit dangerous, because these are not boring, cheap beers, but instead of delicious special brews that harmonizes well with the food and will certainly delight the palate again and again.

The basic concept of MÄT99 is quite simple and manageable. As mentioned above, the entrance to the beer paradise costs 99 kroner, and the same price applies to the dishes on the plates - except sides that are available at a cheaper price.

MÄT99 operates with fast casual, where the food is cooked with a good amount of umami and even more love. And then it goes fast.

But luckily MÄT99 does not compromise on quality. Here the focus is on quality and quantity - and with that in mind 99 kroner is a good price for the dishes on the menu card.

MÄT99's alternative take on the burger will certainly bring a lot of fans among the restaurant's guests. Here the bread is replaced with large, soft waffles that give a whole new flavor dimension to one's burger.

If the address is known, it is probably because MÄT99 has taken over from Cafe Sommersko. The restaurant has been shined up, but for people familiar with Café Sommersko, the restaurant will still carry a subtle - and pleasing - flair of this classic place of Copenhagen.

Gone, though, is the previous idea of ​​a French bohemian cafe, and today MÄT99 is adorned by local graffiti artists while you find classic arcade games along the walls. You can appropriately challenge your friends to arcade classics, while the thirsty drops flow freely from the unique beer wall of MÄT99.


Kronprinsensgade 6

Profile: Beer bar with a great selection of beer and food. Fast Casual.

Opening hours:
Sunday – Wednesday: 9 AM – Midnight
Thursday – Saturday: 9 AM – 2 AM

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Modtag det ugentlige nyhedsbrev fra Spiseliv med inspiration til madoplevelser – ude og hjemme.

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