The Italian restaurant Mercante is located just off the Copenhagen Main Shopping Street (Strøget), at Valkendorfsgade 34, where since October 2017 the restaurant has served food from the famous Italian kitchen. The focus is on serving traditional dishes from Italy, and of course with accompanying wines carefully selected from the Southern European country.

The classic menu consists of antipasti, primi, secondi and dessert. And of course, risotto, pasta, fish and meat are part of the food experience at Mercante.

As a guest, you can either choose a Menù Mercante for 399 DKK, where you will have a nice selection through the four classic stages of an Italian meal, or you can choose from the large a la carte menu that browses through the well-known Italian gastronomic landscape.

Mercante is not only a restaurant that wants to give the Danes a good food experience, but actually the two-storey restaurant is a concept store, where the design pieces and furniture are for sale if you would like to bring home a small part of Mercante.

The decor is classically combined with a raw expression created by both new and old furniture and design. This gives a cozy atmosphere, where you’ll be able to enjoy the creations of Italian chefs while being inspired by the interchangeable interior designs. Mercante is a good place to eat if you need to get away from the Nordic cuisine, the Danish Christmas menu or just want a quick culinary journey to the southern European flavors.


Valkendorfsgade 34
1151 København K

Profile: Italian restaurant close to Strøget (the Main Shopping Street in Copenhagen)

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11 AM – 11 PM
Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

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Modtag det ugentlige nyhedsbrev fra Spiseliv med inspiration til madoplevelser – ude og hjemme.

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