Restaurant Jordnær


Restaurant Jordnær moves - gastronomically speaking - not very close to the earthly sphere. On the contrary. The ambitions are high for the newly opened (May 2017) restaurant in the old Gentofte Hotel. And so far, the Danish reviewers has been really positive towards Restaurant Jordnær.

The host couple consists of Tina Kragh and Eric Vildgaard, the kitchen manager. Both of them have a past at Fredensborg Store Kro - the latter can also plot in three years at Noma, the gastronomic flagship of New Nordic Cuisine, on his resume.

Thus it is in the mould of New Nordic Cuisine that Restaurant Jordnær is founded. Here the focus is on the near - from ground to table - so the local fresh produce comes to its fullest regarding taste and flavor. For example, the fish are caught at Arresø, while the foraging of herbs is a regular part of the morning program. Most importantly, however, is the guest and the taste of the food - Jordnær does not compromise, and therefore the kitchen - if justified - uses some ingredients without Zealandian ‘upbringing’.

The evening menu gives you the opportunity to go a la carte or choose between a 3-, 5- or 7-course menu, where you will visit almost all the pleasantries of the menu. Here you can really taste the knowledge that Eric Vildgaard has acquired over the years in and around some the country's most ambitious kitchens.

Restaurant Jordnær is open for lunch guests. Here you can embark on lunch classics like sandwiches, tartlets and an enviable selection of herring - of course at Jordnær classics in gourmet clothing.

The wine list is a good and exciting chapter by which some of the best and most famous grapes have found their way to the old yellow-painted hotel in Gentofte.

It is recommended to order a table at Restaurant Jordnær. In addition, the restaurant has banqueting facilities and therefore, if you want a finer, gastronomic experience for your company, please call the restaurant and have them help you.

Restaurant Jordnær

Gentoftegade 29
2820 Gentofte

Profile: Ambitious kitchen for lunch and dinner in Gentofte

Opening hours:
Every day: Noon – 3 PM

Tues–Sat: 6 PM – 10 PM

Alle dage fra 12.00 – 15.00

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