Taller is a Venezuelan jewel in the heart of Copenhagen. The two former chefs from NOMA, Karlos Ponte and Luis Moreno and senior waiter from NOMA, Jacob Brink Lauridsen has opened Taller - a restaurant with great aesthetics and craftsmanship on several levels. The basic principle of the restaurant is undoubtedly good craftsmanship. Taller means workshop in Venezuelan - and even the furniture in the kitchen indicates the idea of ​​good workmanship; it is a workbench, which is specially designed to be used as table in the kitchen. The interior is made in collaboration with architect and designer Mencke & Vagnby, and has a minimalist but warm, Nordic look. All the cups, plates, bowls ect is imported from - and custom-made in Venezuela.

The heart of the restaurant is the unique food. Karlos Ponte grew up in Venezuela and often takes trips into the country to the Venezuelan Indians, who shows Karlos traditional practices in cooking and how to live on nature's terms. He experiment and add the traditional recipes a Nordic touch. There is indeed an artistic freedom in the kitchen to interpret, freestyle and add poetry to the dishes, so they get their entirely their own creations.

Taller is as previously stated a jewel. There is room for 38 guests in the restaurant, while there are no less than 10 employees in the kitchen and five servants on the floor. Both the service and the food are at high level.


Tordenskjoldsgade 11
1050 København K

Profile: A Venezuelan jewel in the heart of Copenhagen.

Opening hours:
Wed-Sat: 5:30 pm-11pm

Torsdag til Lørdag 12:00 – 15:00

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