Wabiwabi Waves

Wabiwabi is a newly opened sushi restaurant in the Waves shopping mall in Greve. The sushi restaurant is decorated in warm, Japanese style with simple, clean lines that matches well with the sushi preparation at Wabiwabi. At Wabiwabi they want to carry on the old traditions where the food is cooked delicious and healthy.

Sushi is an ancient Asian tradition, originally from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. However, the healthy mix of rice and raw fish quickly became widespread, and today there are many regional variations where the most widely used is nigiri-sushi, which has its roots in Japan's capital, Tokyo.

At Wabiwabi you can find all the classic sushi dishes that are known and loved in many parts of the world. Here you will find nigiri, sashimi, macaroons, edamam beans, sticks, mushroom soup and a variety of other dishes from the healthy Asian cuisine.

It is possible to order individual dishes from the menu card, but it is also possible to order large plates for sharing, where Wabiwabi makes a large part of the range for you and your friends. Or, if you have the time, you can order as much sushi as you can eat in two hours for 199 Danish kroner.

All dishes can also be ordered as a takeaway if you prefer to take the wonderful food home. Otherwise, Wabiwabi is a perfect place to stay away from shopping in the Waves, or just before (or after) a tour of the cinema right next door.


Wabiwabi Waves

Over Bølgen 20
2670 Greve

Profile: Sushi restaurant in Waves shopping mall

Opening hours:
Every day: 11 AM – 9 PM

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Wabiwabi Islands Brygge
Islands Brygge 81B






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