Priser: Hovedretter fra 50,- til 169,-

WOOWOK greets you on a culinary Asian experience. All dishes are prepared with the love of good ingredients with a focus on ecology - and a skilled team that works hard and dedicated in the kitchen. The service and dining experience go hand in hand, and the waiters will welcome the guests warmly. The menu is composed in collaboration with Ali, who owns WooWok and wants to give the guests both a well-composed meal and a great experience.  

The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere, which is kept in a golden, warm colors with elements of Scandinavian design. The restaurant has 28 seats, but would you rather enjoy WooWoks creations at home, there is also the possibility of take-away, which exists as a separate room next door. You can order food for large and small companies. There is also space to host parties in the restaurant, so be sure to book a table and have a chat with the owner about the menu you want.



Nordre Fasanvej 267
2200 København N

Profile: Asian, Thai, takeaway by Nørrebro Station

Opening hours:
Daily: 11am-10pm

Main courses from 50,- til 169,-

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Modtag det ugentlige nyhedsbrev fra Spiseliv med inspiration til madoplevelser – ude og hjemme.

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